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The Internet

You've heard of the Internet, right? Last year, this very public and amorphous collection of computer networks exploded as the techno-fad of the decade--a peculiar blending of the personal computer and citizen's band radio, it seemed. The Internet was where millions of friends and strangers could chat and "flame" each other about every topic under the sun, from sex to Spam and Superman. It let people browse through thousands of on-line libraries, play new types of games, and trade software.

But did you know that an all-new, very serious, and very grown-up Internet is emerging? That the Internet is getting much easier to use, even for nontechnical people? That it's shedding its old, frumpy look for glitzy graphics, sound, and even video? And that now, new software and imaginative services are making the Internet one of the most exciting places ever for doing business?