Ibm's `Black Boxes': Comdex Show

The most eagerly anticipated hardware of the recent Spring Comdex/Windows World trade show in Atlanta proved to be something of a phantasm. The must-see hardware was the PowerPC processor developed by Motorola, Apple, and IBM. True, Apple's new Power Macs were running some impressive graphics at the Motorola display. But Comdex is geared to IBM-compatible systems, and PowerPC IBMs were rare. You can now buy an IBM PowerPC only as a $5,000-plus RS/6000 workstation. The IBM display featured mysterious PowerPC computers, literally black boxes, that the company described as "the unannounced product." If there's no sense of urgency, perhaps there's a reason: All the features of the new version of Microsoft Windows, promised for Intel-based personal computers by yearend, probably will not be available for the PowerPC until late 1995.

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