E Mail Addresses Of The Rich And Famous

Electronic mail has become a way of life for millions of people in the past few years. And not just at the office. Folks using computer conferencing services such as America OnLine, CompuServe, and The Well now exchange e-mail with each other and with people at thousands of other computers at universities and research labs around the world. Indeed, listing an Internet address such as "jayvee@well.sf.ca.us" on your business card has become de rigueur in many computer-related industries. BUSINESS WEEK itself even has an e-mail address to receive readers' letters--bwreader@mgh.com.

Now, for those wishing to get in touch with politicians, authors, business CEOs, and other personalities, there's a new directory due out in May: E-Mail Addresses of the Rich and Famous, by Seth Godin. It offers addresses for nearly 1,000 luminaries including actors Charles Grodin and Ed Asner, President Bill Clinton, Microsoft co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates, and Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs. The publisher is Addison-Wesley, the retail price $7.95.