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They Don't Call It Blockbuster For Nothing

A powerful force swoops in from out of nowhere and gobbles up practically everything in its path. It becomes a giant, leaving yellow and blue signs in its wake. Critics say it can't possibly last, but the colossus ignores them. It marches into foreign lands, eyes other prey, and prepares for new challenges. With its voracious appetite, there's no telling how far the giant will go. . . .

That may sound like the plot for a B movie, but it's actually the script followed so far by Blockbuster Entertainment Corp. In just five years, the video-rental chain, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has become the industry's dominant player, growing from just 238 stores in 1987 to 2,989 today. With estimated 1992 company revenues of $1.25 billion, it dwarfs its next-largest competitor, West Coast Video Corp., with $120 million in 1991 revenues.