The RULES designers say they



1 Don’t Start a design by  talking

2 Design for the l  o    n      g haul

3 Make stairs more interesting than elevators

4 Work to make big things s m a l l e r

5 Don't use gradations  when you can use a solid color

6 Don’t fight gravity

7 Avoid “click to enter” or tiny gray text

8 Incorporate a cat into design once a month

9 Never say never

10 Design as a team

➊ DANIEL LIBESKIND, Studio Libeskind ➋ BAIJU BHATT, Robinhood ➌➍ CRAIG DYKERS, Snøhetta ➎MARIA GIUDICE, Autodesk ➏ BRAD SEWELL, Campaign ➐ STEWART BUTTERFIELD, Slack ➑ BAIJU BHATT, Robinhood ➒ VICKI DOBBS BECK, xLAB at Industrial Light & Magic ➓ BRAD SEWELL, Campaign