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Epic Scenes From the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, an Auto Race Straight Up a Mountain

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has given rabid auto fans and the most daring racers in the country cliff-edge thrills since 1916. This year's 99th edition was no different. More than 40,000 people gathered on the Colorado mountain this past weekend to watch 130 high-powered cars and motorcycles run the 12.42-mile course straight up the side of the mountain. Contestants hit speeds of 150 mph on the way up—with not even a guard rail to shield them along the way.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed: Celebrating Classic British Motorsports
Each year thousands of guests dressed in their summer best flock to England's Goodwood Festival of Speed, a three-day celebration of classic cars and adrenaline-fueled motoring. The event is led by Lord March, a much-loved auto enthusiast who owns the rural Goodwood Estate an hour outside London. Highlights include a hill climb race, a supercar run, and an extensive motorcar show