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A Brief Illustrated History of Ferrari, Just in Time for an IPO

Fiat’s decision to spin off 10 percent of the 86-year-old brand has prompted speculation about Ferrari’s modern legacy—but sometimes the best way to predict the future is to study the past. According to Hagerty, vintage Ferraris have gained seven times their value since 2006. Even relatively contemporary models (think Ferrari Testarossa) have doubled their value in the past year. Here’s a visual tour of some of the most significant models in Ferrari’s history.

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Critic Hannah Elliott reviews the latest in luxury autos and motorcycles
Goodwood Festival of Speed: Celebrating Classic British Motorsports
Each year thousands of guests dressed in their summer best flock to England's Goodwood Festival of Speed, a three-day celebration of classic cars and adrenaline-fueled motoring. The event is led by Lord March, a much-loved auto enthusiast who owns the rural Goodwood Estate an hour outside London. Highlights include a hill climb race, a supercar run, and an extensive motorcar show