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Critic Hannah Elliott reviews the latest in luxury autos and motorcycles


The Most Exciting Cars of the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

This week in Los Angeles the world’s automakers are showing their new wares for 2016 and beyond. Here are the best of the lot, including offerings from Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and Alfa Romeo, plus the relaunch of that homegrown American muscle, the Chevy Camaro.


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Inside the Lowline, New York City’s First Underground Park
It’s not an urban sci-fi fantasy: Someone is actually building a leafy underground park below Delancey Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Lowline is a plan to turn an abandoned trolley terminal there into a public green space, using special technology that pipes in sunlight beneath the street’s surface. The real deal probably won’t be ready until 2020, but this week the creators opened the Lowline Lab, a proof of concept and an experiment for seeing the ideas and tech in action. We got an early look inside.

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Foxtons Founder to Build Mega-Basement After Court Case Win

Foxtons Group Plc founder Jonathan Hunt can go ahead with plans to build one of London’s largest residential basements -- complete with a swimming pool and car museum -- after the French government lost a bid to block the massive project next to its embassy.

China's Top Cities to See Home Prices Rise Amid Demand: GIC

Home prices in Beijing and Shanghai, which have surged this year, have room to rise further as the inflow of residents bolsters demand in China’s biggest cities, said the head of real estate investments at Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund.

Osborne to Increase Stamp Duty on Buy-to-Let, Second Homes

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne will increase the stamp-duty rate for purchases of buy-to-let and second homes to reduce competition for first-time property buyers. Shares of small banks that provide loans to landlords declined.