The Betrayal of Brazil

As a massive corruption scandal unfolds, Brazilians are facing some stark truths: The powerful and connected are still dividing the country’s riches among themselves. The past decade’s economic miracle was in large part a mirage. And the future is again on hold.

Why Elizabeth Warren Makes Bankers So Uneasy, and So Quiet

The rollback of financial regulation is stalled. Income inequality is a campaign issue. Americans are still angry about the financial crisis. Things aren’t shaping up the way the big banks expected, and an important reason is one laser-focused senator from Massachusetts.

Jimmy Lai Won’t Back Down

Fire bombed and tear gassed, Hong Kong’s most combative tycoon is pressing ahead with his fight against Beijing to expand voting rights in the former colony.

Germany's Export Engines

Small manufacturers with niche products are driving Europe's biggest economy as the region struggles to boost growth.