Samsung Creative Lab: Quirky Start-Up Ideas

Samsung — the world’s largest maker of smartphones, TVs and memory chips — has been quietly nurturing some 350 young engineers inside Creative Lab, its ideas incubator. The electronics giant, however, says it's not searching for the next big thing. Rather, the goal of the C-Lab is to find "the next small big thing" — a discovery that may not seem like a big deal immediately but that will, over time, open up new markets and be incorporated into must-have technology.

The Real Cattle Class: Cows Fly to China on 747s

Next time you’re stuck on a long-haul flight in a packed, economy-class cabin, being ignored by a frazzled flight attendant, spare a thought for the passengers on a recent flight from Melbourne to Chongqing in China. They were cows.

Cutting the Cord, Not the Cost

An ever-longer list of streaming-video services offers smaller pay-TV bundles than traditional providers, but that doesn’t mean assembling the package you want is much cheaper.

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The Story Behind the Cover

Behind the scenes of the making of this week's magazine cover with Editor-In-Chief Ellen Pollock and Creative Director Robert Vargas.

Meet the Top Female Streamers on Twitch has given rise to a new wave of internet stars, people that earn money streaming video of themselves playing video games. The most popular female streamers have managed to make a living doing what they love while enduring the toxic comments that have become routine in the gaming community. Bloomberg spoke to some of the top female Twitch stars, including ms_vixen, 2mgovercsquared, kittyplaysgames, omgitsfirefoxx, zombiunicorn, and kaypealol to understand what it means to be a top gamer girl on the internet. (Video by: Ali Withers) (Source: Bloomberg)

Special Issue: The Year Ahead 2016

Editor-In-Chief Ellen Pollock and Creative Director Robert Vargas go behind the scenes of the making of this week's special issue magazine cover: The Year Ahead 2016.