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32 Weird Animals for Sale at the World's Largest Pet Shop

Zoo Zajac is, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest pet shop in the world, housing approximately 250,000 individual animals of 3,000 different species. Bloomberg visited the 130,000-square-foot warehouse in Germany, and filmed some of the most unique animals currently on sale. (Video by: Jennafer Savino, Ériver Hijano, Ryo Ikegami) (Source: Bloomberg)

Polygraph Expert Shows How to Beat a Lie Detector Test

Doug Williams is a former Oklahoma City detective sergeant. As an officer in the department's internal affairs and polygraph unit, he conducted thousands of polygraph tests. In the late 1970s, however, Williams began to doubt that the so-called lie detector actually is such a thing, and within a decade he had evolved into one of the most vocal, visible, and theatrical critics of the polygraph. Williams shows Bloomberg exactly how simple it is to manipulate, and beat, the lie detector test. (Video by Jennafer Savino and Justin Beach) (Source: Bloomberg)

Farmers and Scientists to Hack the Strawberry

Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns and Pimm Fox examine how the California drought has affected strawberry farms and the $5.6B U.S. berry market on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Make Trade, Not War

Partition broke up an enormous economic bloc seven decades ago. Pakistan and India should try to put it back together

Destroy the Summer Slump

Car-washing competitions, unlimited vacation, and other ways bosses keep their charges going during the dog days