There’s no business like … well, you know. What makes show business unique? Where else can you spend $500 million or more on an Avatar-themed fantasyscape (“Disney’s Intergalactic Theme Park Quest to Beat Harry Potter”)? And in what other realm can four funnymen make a mockumentary about a fake band—and then, when they want residuals, get told that their cult classic was basically worthless (This Lawsuit Goes to 11”)? The industry rewards changelings and power duos (“Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal on Movies, Madoff, and Trump”), airborne giants (“Behind the Scenes at WrestleMania 33”), and whiz kids (“The Celebrity Techsplainer of Beverly Hills”). Perhaps there’s no business like show business because the label can be slapped on anything fun—something you’ll find plenty of in the following stories.

De Niro & Rosenthal: Photograph by Matthew Salacuse for Bloomberg Businessweek
Disney: Photograph by Stephen Wilkes for Bloomberg Businessweek
WrestleMania: Photograph by Dolly Faibyshev for Bloomberg Businessweek
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