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# Juan-Miguel Villar Mir

Random fact: King of Spain awarded him the title of Marquis in 2011.


Villar Mir is the founder and chairman of Grupo Villar Mir, a Spanish construction and engineering firm that had revenue of $8.5 billion in 2013. The Madrid-based company owns 61 percent of publicly traded infrastructure developer Obrascon Huarte Lain, whose projects include a high-speed rail line in Saudi Arabia. The closely held business also has interests in fertilizer and real estate.

As of Nov. 23, 2017:
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Industry Engineering & Construction
Biggest asset N/A
Citizenship Spain
Age 82
Wealth Self-made
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Birthdate: 9/30/1931
Family: Unknown, No children
Education: Economic Development Institute, LLB Economic Development Institute, Doctorate Degree Economic Development Institute, Graduated Colegio Nacional de Ingenieros de Caminos Canales Y Puertos, Doctorate Degree

Juan-Miguel Villar Mir was born in Madrid in 1931, and studied at Colegio del Pilar, a Catholic school in the Spanish capital. He trained as a civil engineer at the city's School of Civil Engineering and Ports and after graduating at the top of his class in 1951, travelled to the U.S. for further technical training. Upon his return home he became a professor at the University of Madrid.

He moved into government, becoming employment minister in 1964 and, after the fall of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, was named finance minister 11 years later. He left office in 1976, and became chief executive of a series of Spanish companies. The foundations of Villar Mir group were laid in 1987, when he bought the money-losing construction company, Obrascon, for the "symbolic" price of one peseta.

Villar Mir revitalized the group and listed Obrascon on the Spanish stock market in 1991. During the next decade he expanded, creating OHL with the purchase of builders Huarte and Lain, and then buying metal maker Ferroatlantica and electricity producer Hidro Nitro Espanola.

More acquisitions followed as OHL spread over five continents. Villar Mir himself largely avoided the limelight, though his two unsuccessful bids for the presidency of soccer club Real Madrid in 1995 and 2006 attracted much media attention in Spain, as did the building of OHL's Torre Espacio, a 57-story skyscraper in Madrid that was completed in 2007. Villar Mir was made a Spanish noble when he was awarded the title of Marquis, in 2011, by King Juan Carlos.

  • 1931 Juan-Miguel Villar Mir is born in Madrid.
  • 1951 Graduates first from Madrid's School of Civil Engineering and Ports.
  • 1961 Made deputy director general of Spain's ports.
  • 1975 Appointed Spain's Finance Minister after the fall of Francisco Franco.
  • 1987 Buys loss-making construction company Obrascon for one peseta.
  • 1991 Lists Obrascon on the Spanish stock exchange.
  • 1995 Unsuccessfully runs for president of soccer club Real Madrid.
  • 1998 Obrascon takes over larger Spanish builder Huarte.
  • 1998 Merges with Construcciones Lain to form Obrascon Huarte Lain.
  • 2006 Fails again in bid for Real Madrid presidency.
  • 2011 Awarded title of Marquis de Villar Mir by King Juan Carlos.
  • 2014 Joins board of Barcelona-based property developer Colonial.
  • 2015 FerroAtlantica proposes merger with Globe Speciality Metals.