58 Ways The Race Was Called

By Christopher CannonChristopher Cannon and Cedric SamCedric Sam
November 9, 2016

Here’s how major news organizations on the left, right and in between headlined Donald Trump’s victory.

ABC News
Most frequent words and phrases

“Donald Trump wins historic US election victory”

Financial Times

“Donald Trump sweeps to victory in historic upset”

New York Post

“Donald Trump elected president in historic upset”


“Hate Trumps history: A reality TV star wins the White House in a broken America”

Mother Jones


“The unthinkable has happened.”

Daily Kos

“The unthinkable

New York


“Trump triumphs

New York Times

“Trump triumphs

Washington Post

“Trump triumphs

Dallas Morning News


“It happened

Business Insider

“The unthinkable has happened.”

Daily Kos


“Donald Trump shocks America, wins presidency”

USA Today

Shocking upset as outsider harnesses voters’ dissatisfaction”

New York Times

“In the biggest upset in American history, the billionaire shocks the nation and world”


Stunning upset

“Republican Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election, in a stunning upset victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.”


“In a stunning upset, Donald Trump has won the presidency”

Vice News

“Republican projected to win the presidency in a stunning upset over Clinton”

Washington Post

“Donald Trump’s stunning upset

The Atlantic

“Trump elected president in stunning upset

Houston Chronicle

“Trump wins presidency in stunning upset

Yahoo News


“Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump to concede

ABC News

“Trump claims victory in presidential election, says Clinton called to concede

Chicago Tribune

“Clinton calls Trump to concede the presidential race”


“Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump to concede the race, reports say”

U.S. News & World Report

President Trump

“How we’ll stand up to President Trump

The Daily Beast

“Nightmare: President Trump

Huffington Post

President Trump


President Trump


“In a stunning victory, it’s President Trump