Rates, ESG, Europe, And CVS

Priya Misra, managing director and Global Head of Rates Strategy at TD Securities, joins the show to talk about the Fed, interest rates, and outlook for the economy in 2022. Matt Winkler, editor-in-chief emeritus at Bloomberg News, joins the show to discuss his recent column about Ron DeSantis and ESG investing. Tim Craighead, Director of Research and Senior European Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, joins the show to discuss Liz Truss and Europe’s energy crisis and how it’s all impacting markets. Jonathan Palmer, Senior Equity Research Analyst & Team Leader, Healthcare, joins the show to discuss CVS Health’s acquisition of Signify Health. Sean Joyce, PwC’s global cybersecurity and privacy leader and former Deputy Director with the FBI, joins the show to discuss cybersecurity concerns from the c-suite. Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller.

Sep 06, 2022

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