Where to go in 2020

Was your New Year’s resolution to travel more in 2020? (And if it wasn’t, why not?) To help with your trip-planning, this week Mark and Nikki discuss the destinations that should be on your must-visit list this year. Locations include the much-delayed billion-dollar museum in Cairo, earmarked as the new home for Egypt’s greatest treasures, that will finally open – and make the capital a destination rather than a pitstop (For the full list of where to go, click here). This week’s guest would be a fitting companion on any of those far-flung treks: Dr. Evan Antin, the celebrity vet and host of globetrotting TV show “Evan Goes Wild.” Antin is a steel-nerved explorer who considers snakes a welcome sight wherever he goes; he also has an unusual suggestion on how to acquire souvenirs – that doesn’t involve haggling. He’ll also help pet owners nervous to bring their dog or cat along on a trip, with a few suggestions on how to prep them for an unfamiliar locale, as well as a simple plan for globetrotting (hint: talk to your vet as soon as you book a ticket). But we don’t just want Dr. Antin’s tips – we want yours. Call the Travel Genius hotline at 646-324-3490 anytime, and leave us a voicemail; we’ll play the best on upcoming episodes. Otherwise, hit Nikki and Mark up on Twitter or Instagram with your hacks and ideas.

Jan 07, 2020

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