Global Economy

A majority of investors polled say the global economy is improving,
the highest level ever.

What is your view of:
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Are you more confident or less confident about the outlook for
the world economy than this time last year? Related Story »


Which of the following would you say is the biggest reason to be more confident? Related Story »


Which of the following do you think poses the biggest risk to the global economy in the next year? Related Story »


For each of the following asset classes, please indicate if you think it has reached unsustainable, bubble-like levels in global markets. Related Story »


What is your view of the trend in globalization? Is it:
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General Markets

Europe now ranks second in poll to U.S. as top market for
investment opportunities.
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Among the following, which one or two markets will offer investors the BEST or WORST
opportunities over the next year? Related Story »


Right now, are you more optimistic or more pessimistic about the policies of the following leaders as they affect the investment climate in their respective countries:
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Do you expect Iran will or will not be a viable investment opportunity within the next five years? Related Story »


U.S. Economy

More investors than ever say the U.S. economy is picking up steam now.

Over the next decade, what do you expect U.S. growth to be, on average?


Is it your sense the U.S. economic recovery is more the result of structural change in policies that affect growth, or more a cyclical correction after the recession? Related Story »


Markets & Positions

Stocks are seen as 2014's best performing asset class and bonds among the worst.

What asset classes do you think offer the BEST & WORST returns over the next year? Related Story »



Obama's popularity rebounds and Bernanke is more popular than ever.

Below are some major political and economic figures.
For each, please indicate how you feel about them in their current roles. Related Story »



Almost half of respondents say Bitcoin is a "sell" as an investment.

What is your opinion on Bitcoin? Is it:
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U.S. Issues

More than half of respondents say income inequality is holding back growth.

Do you think income inequality does or does not hamper economic growth?


Do you think income inequality is something it is appropriate for governmental policy to address?


Do you think the income gap is bigger or smaller in the U.S.
compared to other developed countries?


What is your view of what should happen to Edward Snowden, who leaked National Security Agency (NSA) records that exposed U.S. government surveillance programs?



A majority in the poll say the worst of Europe’s debt crisis is over.

Based on your observation of European bond markets, do you thin
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Which of the following would you say is the biggest threat to European growth? Related Story »