Congress Boosts Small Airport Used by Wal-Mart Jets

In 2011, Congress capped how much low-volume airports paid the U.S. to operate control towers. The move lowered costs at five U.S. airfields, including at Rogers, Arkansas, Municipal Airport, which serves Wal-Mart's 19-plane corporate fleet near its headquarters. Without the cap, the costs to operate the tower could have forced Rogers to shut it, requiring pilots to coordinate with each other before landing and taking off. Out of about 500 airports with a tower, Rogers had the fourth-fewest flights in 2012.

Published Aug. 14, 2013

Note: Flights into and out of Rogers Municipal Airport are not mapped since most Wal-Mart flights involve travel between Rogers and another location. Some travel involved stops in multiple locations before returning to Rogers.

Source: Federal Aviation Administration data compiled by Bloomberg