Canada Looks Ahead to Its Own Corn Belt

Corn was once ungrowable in the fertile farmland of Canada’s breadbasket. A warming climate and the development of faster-maturing seed varieties have allowed farmers in the southern provinces to introduce and increase production in recent years – harvesting more than 550 million bushels of corn last year.

Published TUESDAY, APRIL 15, 2014

Canadian Regions Suitable for Growing Corn
Corn Heat Units are a measure that helps growers select crop varieties suitable to their local conditions and are based on the daily maximum and minimum air temperature. Areas in orange accumulated enough heat units during the 2013 growing season for current corn varieties to grow, according to Tara Moir at DuPont Pioneer.

1 – Harvest data not available for Saskatchewan or British Columbia.

Sources: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Science & Technology Branch, Canadian National Agroclimate Information Service, DuPont Pioneer, Statistics Canada