Election 2020

How Do I Vote Early In My State?

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For voters trying to avoid crowds on Nov. 3 and who are unable or unwilling to vote by mail, many states offer other ways to cast your ballot before Election Day. Here’s how you can vote early in your state.

Is there early voting in my state?

Most states offer early voting, while others offer a functional equivalent that allows voters to apply for an absentee ballot without an excuse and vote at the same time at a clerk’s office or polling location. Voters in “in-person absentee” states will still need an excuse to vote early.
Functional equivalent
In-person absentee
Note: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington conduct elections with mail ballots, but voters are still able to return their ballots or vote in person in voting centers, county election offices or other designated locations during their voting periods. Early voting in Alaska, Idaho, Georgia, North Dakota varies by county but most have an in-person absentee process as well. Check with your local elections office for hours and availability. In New Jersey, you may request a mail ballot at your county clerk’s office but must return it to the election’s board office.

When can I vote early?

Can I vote early with a mail ballot?

All states offer some form of voting by mail, although application requirements and deadlines vary.