A Guide to Merkel’s Dwindling Coalition Options in Germany

By Hayley WarrenHayley Warren, Jana RandowJana Randow, Tony CzuczkaTony Czuczka and Jeremy Scott DiamondJeremy Scott Diamond

Germany’s election in September produced a fourth-term mandate for Chancellor Angela Merkel, tempered by her party bloc’s worst result in 68 years and the arrival of the nationalist Alternative for Germany. Her first attempt to pull together a government—four parties whose colors match the Jamaican flag’s—collapsed on Nov. 19. The deadlock reflects a fragmented political map after the number of parties in parliament increased from four to six. Other options for Merkel include governing without a majority, a rerun of her “grand coalition” with the Social Democrats or new elections.

Here are the party standings based on the number of seats won by each party:

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