The UK Christmas News Quiz

Who doesn’t love a Christmas news quiz? (Answer: No one.) To wrap up what has been one of the more eventful years in recent British history, here’s ours.

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Which British lender made a clerical error that was described as “basic,” “bizarre,” and “embarrassing” while costing it more than £700 million?

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How many days was Liz Truss prime minister for?

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How much land does Scotland devote to grouse hunting?

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How many buyer inquiries did Chelsea Football Club receive after being put up for sale?

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Which international meeting proved eventful for Kwasi Kwarteng, in that he arrived as chancellor and was fired on his return?

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How much debt did the Bank of England buy to ease a market meltdown following the UK government’s so-called mini-budget in September?

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The pound hit an all-time low against the dollar in September. What level did it fall to?

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Who is the highest-ranked British person on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which tracks the world’s 500 richest people?

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In his farewell speech as Prime Minister, which famous Roman did Boris Johnson liken himself to?

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As energy prices have surged, the cost of many Christmas-related bills is higher than in 2021. How much more expensive will it be to cook a turkey for three hours in an electric oven this year?

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The price of unleaded fuel peaked in the UK on July 4 at how many pence per litre?

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Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, what was the total value of assets that changed hands in the royal family?

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During Liz Truss’s premiership, mortgage rates went to 14-year highs. How many days did the average two-year fixed-rate mortgage spend above 6%?

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In May, the Elizabeth Line went into operation. What year did construction for the train service begin?

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What became illegal in the UK on Sept. 30?

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What is the name of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s dog?

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