Photos 23 May 2014

Here is a preview of the selected, scheduled events the Bloomberg Photo Service will be covering during the coming week. Bloomberg will also be covering several exclusives and any breaking news that may happen, as well as a full slate of additional assignments, all of which will be available over the wire and in the Bloomberg Photo archive.

Monday, May 26

Monday is a national holiday in the United States and the United Kingdom, but in New Delhi, Bloomberg will provide coverage as Narendra Modi is sworn in as prime minister of India.

Tuesday, May 27

Bloomberg will provide general views from Mumbai of ONGC and Indian Oil Corporation gas stations ahead of second-quarter earnings. Bloomberg will provide views of retail and residential property in Bremmen as internal demand drives economic growth there. Bloomberg will move coverage from New York as Dairy Queen opens its first franchise in Manhattan and Deutsche Bank Financial Services holds its investor conference. Bloomberg will also provide images of shoppers at Mexico City’s largest food market as consumer confidence in that city falls.

Wednesday, May 28

Bloomberg will provide images from Gunma of farmers planting rice in paddy fields. Bloomberg will also provide images from Mumbai inside a Tata Motors dealership ahead of the company’s fourth-quarter earnings. Bloomberg will also provide images from Dusseldorf, of airside operations and Dusseldorf Airport, and Louisville, Kentucky, inside a Costco wholesale location ahead of the company’s earnings.

Thursday, May 29

Bloomberg will provide coverage from Tokyo as Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani attends the opening of Rakuten Cafe. Bloomberg will provide images from Busan inside the Busan International Motor Show. Bloomberg will also move images from Mumbai, inside a Mahindra and Mahindra location ahead of fourth-quarter earnings.

Friday, May 30

Bloomberg will provide coverage from Tokyo of IMF First Deputy Managing Director John Lipsky’s news conference, as well of views of the city’s high-end retail stores ahead of December CPI numbers. Bloomberg will also provide general images of the Macau economy ahead of the country’s first-quarter GDP. In addition, Bloomberg will provide images from London of BT Group’s headquarters and fixed-line public telephone booths.

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