News 13 June 2015

Readers expect great business coverage to be truly substantial – and Bloomberg helps you deliver. From fast-breaking news to key trends and data, we provide insight into the subjects that matter most to your audiences. Across traditional and digital platforms, we offer customizable content targeting regional tastes and an in-depth understanding of publishers’ needs.

Bloomberg News
Deliver compelling business coverage across every platform with complete up-to-the-minute reporting on global markets, industries and economic news.

Bloomberg Photos
From breaking news to today’s important events and business leaders, deliver business and financial images that add dimension to your story.

Bloomberg Video
Cater to your audience online with professionally produced digital clip packages, compelling footage and full-length programs.

Bloomberg Data
Choose from flexible data sets or ready-to-publish data pages custom-designed for you.

Bloomberg Content Service

Deliver more than just headlines. The Bloomberg Content Service is the world’s leading provider of business content to publishers, broadcasters and other companies. We provide business and financial news, photos, videos and data to more than 1,000 media outlets in 60+ countries.

Let the Bloomberg Content Service be your first source for timely, global visual content, and help you create complete and compelling stories for your audience using Bloomberg, news, photos, videos and data.

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