CES 2015: All the News That Matters

Live from Las Vegas: The gadgets, trends, and tech companies that will—and won't—shape the future

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Ford's first attempt at a dashboard touchscreen taught the company a lot about what kinds of displays make sense for drivers

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Tech companies insist there's a robust smartwatch market. So where is it?

You'll Never Lose the Remote Again: Gesture Controls That Actually Work

Will you feel any sillier waving your arm from side-to-side than you do foraging in the couch cushions for an oversized remote?

FCC's Chairman Warms Up to Obama's Wishes on Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler hinted that forthcoming rules will reclassify broadband Internet service as a public utility

Polaroid’s Plan to Get Millennials to Print Their Photos

The company's new mobile printer is cute, and it's cheap enough for a younger crowd—but the paper for printing is not

Samsung’s Smart Home Master Plan: Leave the Door Open for Others

The company's long-awaited push into smart homes has arrived, and it may be better than anyone expected

This Is the Future of Drones

These three drones suggest that the future of flying robots is closer than ever

What's the Point of a Curved Smartphone?

LG's second-generation curved smartphone is nice and all, but what's the point?

Netflix Wants to Tell You What TV to Buy

Netflix is using its 50-million strong subscriber base to flex its muscle with the TV manufacturers

Will Google’s Nest Become Central Command for Smart Homes?

The thermostat maker seeks to expand its reach by becoming the thing that connects non-Nest smart devices

Dish’s New Sling TV Service Could Free You From Cable

Sling TV offers channels including ESPN, TNT, and HGTV on the Internet for $20 a month

This Bike Helmet Can Tell You When a Volvo Gets Too Close

A new concept from Volvo works in tandem with its latest car technology to detect possible collisions with cyclists

Withings Releases a $150 Smart Watch for the Masses

Think of Pop as a souped-up watch rather than as a fitness tracker

This Year's CES Anxiety: Ending Up Like TV Makers

Many companies at CES are concerned about becoming little more than vessels through which people interact with services provided by Google or Apple