Waltham, MA

from 2019
Class size

Tuition $63,300

Note: Tuition amount is the figure advertised by the school and includes mandatory fees and other costs. GMAT score is median or average, as provided by the school. Find more details on the school's website : .

Gender and Race Breakdown Among U.S. Students, Compared with Other U.S. Schools

Visit Diversity Index page for more data. Gender is for whole class. Race data only for US students.






0%100%60.7% of U.S. population56.0%


0%100%6.6% of U.S. population14.0%


0%100%14.1% of U.S. population14.0%


0%100%18.0% of U.S. population12.0%

Nationalities (top 5)

Total Number of Nationalities: 12

United States 73%
India 4%
Ecuador 4%
China 4%
Vietnam 2%

Campus Atmosphere

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Women are well represented among my school’s faculty and administration

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All respondents

Female protagonists are well represented in case studies

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All respondents

LGBTQ students are given equal/adequate opportunity to participate in class discussions and on teams

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All respondents

Social activities are generally inclusive towards LGBTQ students

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All respondents

Minorities are well represented among the faculty and administration

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All respondents

Minority protagonists are well represented in case studies

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All respondents
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Representative comments from students and alumni on what's best about this MBA program

The skills and relationships I built along the way. Administrative and career support are gold-star all around, and the library is great place to study!

The content of courses is genuinely applicable, and the things we learn we will actually use. The professors are also incredibly experienced and always willing to share.

The flexibility and the willingness of faculty to help with a business venture or project.

Ability to be taught by great professors who care about your development, as well as the ability to work with a lot of smart students with a broad range of diversity.

For someone from an engineering background, it was great to understand and get exposed to the business side of things.