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Episode 4: Make a Boring Meeting Magical
By Francesca Levy
Meetings don’t have to be drudgery if you apply a little behavioral science. On this week’s episode, I attempted to reform one of my more aimless meetings: a weekly team check-in.
Episode 1: The Regular Person’s Guide to Bullet Journaling
By Rebecca Greenfield
On the first episode of Works For Me, Rebecca tries out The bullet journal—the all-in-one calendar, to-do list, and diary that has become the DIY life organizer de rigueur. But trying to get into the bullet journal fad can be intimidating. This week, Rebecca Greenfield spends more than two months trying it out. Every week on Works for Me, where hosts Francesca Levy and Rebecca Greenfield try to figure out what productivity hacks will help them become their most efficient selves.