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Wondering how your finances stack up?
Our new tool can tell you — and help you get ahead.

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1. Complete our questionnaire

We’ll cover everything from your income and spending to retirement savings and debts. We recommend having your financial information handy so you can provide accurate responses.
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2. Get your WealthScore

You’ll get a comprehensive score on a scale from 1–10, and a personalized analysis of the seven financial “benchmarks” that factor into your results.

About WealthScore

Bloomberg’s WealthScore tool offers a financial-health checkup based on questions about your age, household size, income, spending, debts and assets. Your answers will be evaluated in two ways. First, they are compared to averages for U.S. households in similar circumstances, or “peer groups.” Second, your answers are evaluated against seven financial-wellbeing benchmarks related to spending, savings and assets, identified by Bloomberg News in consultation with personal-finance experts. Your final WealthScore is an unweighted average of these benchmark scores.

Please note: WealthScore is intended to provide you with generalized content based on your responses to certain standard questions. WealthScore is broad in scope and does not consider your personal financial situation. Your personal financial situation is unique and the information provided may not be appropriate for your situation. Accordingly, before making any financial decisions or implementing any financial strategy, you should obtain additional information and advice of your accountant and other financial advisors who are fully aware of your individual circumstances.