Facebook Ads, Rebranding Knowledge and Exit the Rich

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Insiders Pocket Gains on Buybacks, Vexing Regulator (Wall Street Journal); see also Betting on New S&P 500 Stocks Like Twitter? It’s a Risky Game (Wall Street Journal)
  • Pivot to traditional: Direct-to-consumer brands sour on Facebook ads (Digiday)
  • What Helps or Hurts Investment Returns? Here’s a Ranking (Bloomberg Opinion); see also Smart Beta Performance Isn’t Worth the Cost (Bloomberg Opinion)
  • Is the U.S. Due for a Recession? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Web of elite Russians met with NRA execs during 2016 campaign (McClatchy); see also Arron Banks “met Russian officials multiple times before Brexit vote” (the Guardian)
  • The Rich Are Planning to Leave This Wretched Planet (New York Times)
  • Under Trump, “America First” Really Is Turning Out to Be America Alone (New Yorker); see also President Trump Is What Happens After Republicans Spend Decades Rebranding Knowledge as Elitism and Ignorance as Bliss (Daily Beast)
  • Why a Decline in Insects Should Bug You (Wall Street Journal)
  • Fossil Discoveries Challenge Ideas About Earth’s Start (Quanta Magazine); see also Plate Tectonics May Be Essential for Life (Quanta Magazine)
  • The Incomparable Greatness of Rafael Nadal at the French Open (The Ringer)

What are you reading?

An Uneven Recovery in Stocks

Source: Wall Street Journal

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