Trade Lies, Big Scooter and the Perfect Porsche

Here are your morning reads.

Hey, new month! Start it with our end-of-week morning train reads:

  • The Media’s Undeniable Pro-Trump Bias (Crooked)
  • Absolute Power Disrupts Absolutely in Silicon Valley (Bloomberg Opinion)
  • The seven deadly trade lies of Brexiteers (Standard)
  • Jeff Bezos: Amazon deserves to be scrutinized as a giant company, aims to “pass with flying colors” (Geek Wire)
  • Factors From Scratch (O’Shaughnessy Asset Management); see also The Hedgie in Winter (AQR)
  • What Can This Five-Century-Old Drawing Teach You? Everything That Matters. (Thought Catalog)
  • This Startup Will Buy Your Grandparents’ House and Let Them Live There for Life (Slate)
  • The war is over and I have lost. I love Big Scooter. (the Atlantic)
  • Got $200,000 to Spare? Porsche Has the Perfect Summer Car for You (Bloomberg)
  • LeBron James, the Warriors and How the Modern NBA Happened (The Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Libby Cantrill, managing director and head of public policy at Pimco, where she analyzes political events for its investment committee and coordinates the firm’s response to policy issues.

The National Debt Dilemma 

Source: Council on Foreign Relations

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