Hedge Funds and the Value of Sweating

Here are your morning reads.

My morning train reads:

  • Meet Wall Street’s newest star: stock-trading desks (Wall Street Journal)
  • Greenwich: the rich town on the front line of U.S. hedge-fund fight (Financial Times)
  • Financial Advisers Need Steady Learning to Keep Earning. (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • A Look at WeWork’s Books: Revenue Is Doubling but Losses Are Mounting (Wall Street Journal)
  • A Millionaire Mindset Never Made Anyone Rich (Bloomberg Viewsee also Don’t Think like A Millionaire, Act Like A Billionaire (The Big Picture)
  • The Restaurant Industry Ran a Private Poll on the Minimum Wage. It Did Not Go Well for Them. (The Intercept)
  • Sidelined: Germany’s Incredibly Shrinking Role on the World Stage (Spiegel)
  • China’s behavior monitoring system bars some from travel, purchasing property (CBS Newssee also How Do You Control 1.4 Billion People? (New Republic)
  • How sweating made humans the dominant species on the planet (Big Think)
  • ESA space probe Gaia surveys 1.69 billion new stars with high precision (DW)

What are you reading? 

IPhone X Owners Are Pretty Happy With Their iPhone Xs 

Source: Techpinions

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