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Why You Stink at Fact-Checking

Here are your morning reads.

My post-reversal morning train reads:

  • How Congress Used the Post Office to Unite the Nation (Bloomberg View); see also Congress, Not Amazon, Messed Up the Post Office (Bloomberg View)
  • No, the Rest Aren’t Rising in High-Tech Venture Capital (City Lab)
  • Shell’s vision of a zero-carbon world by 2070, explained (Vox)
  • The striking similarities between mortgage-backed securities and the 17th-century financial system (MarketWatch)
  • Where marijuana is legal, opioid prescriptions fall, studies find (Stat)
  • Fear is loud. Evidence is quiet. Listen to the evidence. (Of Dollars And Data); see also To Control Your Life, Control What You Pay Attention To (Harvard Business Review)
  • Silicon Valley can’t ignore the gun control debate after the YouTube shooting (Vice)
  • How One Man Got Rich Selling Machine Guns (Bloomberg)
  • Why you stink at fact-checking (the Conversation)
  • Secret use of census info helped send Japanese Americans to internment camps in WWII (Washington Post)

What are you reading?

China Tariffs Could Wreck Republicans in November

Source: Bloomberg

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