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Robert Mercer, the Census and Baseball

Here are your longer-form weekend reads.

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of coffee, get comfortable on the massage table, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads:

• Inside the Strange Odyssey of Hedge-Fund King Eddie Lampert (Vanity Fair)

• The Wolves of K Street: Meet the people making bank on our nightmarish election cycle. (The Ringer)

• A Modern Greek Tragedy (New York Review of Books)

•Protect & Participate: Managing Drawdowns with Trend Following (Flirting with Models)

• The German Economic Miracle Depended on Immigrants (Foundation for Economic Education)

• Robert Mercer’s Secret Adventure as a New Mexico Cop (Bloomberg Businessweek)

• How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico (Politico)

• Fuelling the future: Fantasies about new power sources for human ambitions go back a century or more. Could these past visions energise our own future? (Aeon)

• Hidden Figures: How Donald Trump Is Rigging the Census (Mother Jones)

• How a Baseball Revolution Happens (Real Clear Life)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with David Enrich, finance editor at the New York Times and author of “The Spider Network: The Wild Story of a Math Genius, a Gang of Backstabbing Bankers, and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History.” And, for the holiday weekend, we have a bonus interview with tennis great Serena Williams.

The Relentless Rise of Investment Outsourcing

Source: Institutional Investor

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