Apple's Middle Age and Blockbuster's Final Days

Here are your morning reads.

My Olympics morning train reads:

  • End of a Bull Market, or Nowhere Near? Making the Case for Both (Bloomberg)
  • $XIV Volpocalypse: A Sea of Disinformation and Misunderstanding (Kid Dynamite's World)
  • The economy is still abnormally dependent on low interest rates and richly priced assets (Wall Street Journal)
  • Bitcoin Miners Fried in Game of Chicken (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • HomePod (Daring Fireball); see also Apple’s Middle Age (Stratechery)
  • An Ode to the Video Store Chain, on the Occasion of Blockbuster’s Demise (Texas Monthly)
  • The Obscure History -- and Future -- of the Plastic Bag (Bloomberg)
  • The Best Books on Neuroscience: A reading list for students considering it as a career (Five Books)
  • How Facebook Is Killing Comedy (SplitSider)
  • The Art of the Millisecond: How a lot of little things make an Olympic gold medalist (Wall Street Journal)

What are you reading?

World’s Largest ETF Hit by Biggest Four-Day Outflow on Record

Source: Bloomberg

Source: Bloomberg

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