Tax Loopholes and the Rules of Being Rich

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • The Signs of a Market Blip or Something Worse (Bloomberg View); see also 1,000 Points Ain’t What It Used to Be (Servo Wealth)
  • How Active Managers Are Fighting Back (Institutional Investor)
  • The effects of 137 minimum wage hikes, in one chart (Wonkblog); see also 6 Reasons That Pay Has Lagged Behind U.S. Job Growth (New York Times)
  • "Class-passing": How do you learn the rules of being rich? (the Guardian)
  • The Biggest Estate-Plan Mistake: Losing It (Wall Street Journal); see also Here’s the Trump Tax Loophole Your Accountant Can Blow Wide Open (Bloomberg)
  • The Death of Clothing (Bloomberg)
  • How Immigration Became So Controversial (the Atlantic); see also The Last Time the U.S. Seriously Considered Merit-Based Immigration (the Atlantic)
  • This Ancient Civilization Was Twice as Big as Medieval England (National Geographic)
  • How Dockless Bike Shares Could Fix America’s Broken Cities (Wired); see also What Being a Bike Courier Taught Me About Our Broken Economy (the Walrus)
  • The Philly Special: Inside the "Set of Stones" Play Call That Helped the Eagles Win the Super Bowl (Sports Illustrated)

What are you reading?

Why presidents usually avoid talking about the stock market

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