Jamie Dimon's Longevity and Amazon Health

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  • In investing, reacting to headlines can cost you (Globe and Mail); see also Political Climate, Optimism, and Investment Decisions (SSRN)
  • Jamie Dimon’s longevity at JPMorgan leads to itchy feet below him (Financial Times)
  • Swedroe: Size Premium Persists (
  • Low-Cost Care Threatens High-Quality Health Stocks (Bloomberg Gadfly); see also Amazon Health (Stratechery)
  • Fed’s Balance Sheet Promises (Macro Tourist)
  • Eulogy for the Headphone Jack (Medium)
  • The Odds of Fixing U.S. Infrastructure Just Got Better (Bloomberg View); see also Here’s the straightforward solution to modernizing our infrastructure (USA Today)
  • Donald Trump’s Presidency Is the Libertarian Moment (New York Magazine)
  • Camera Historica: The Sean Flynn Leica M2 (Japan Camera Hunter)
  • Hut! Hut! Hut! What? (New York Times)

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Facebook lost daily users for the first time ever

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