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Jealousy, Freeloaders and Early Retirement

Here are your morning reads.

We are midway through the 60 days of winter darkness. Fight through it with our morning train reads:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2017 Jealousy List (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Why you can’t cash out: Why Bitcoin’s “price” is largely fictional (David Gerard)
  • Dave Nadig’s 2018 Bold ETF Predictions (ETF.com)
  • Yield Curve Inversions and Stocks Are a Toxic Mix (Bloomberg View)
  • In America’s Most Middle-Class City, the Mall Is Dying. Here’s Why (Wall Street Journal); see also America’s Great Renter Boom Is Over (Slate)
  • The real price of Brexit begins to emerge (Financial Times)
  • Retiring Early Just Might Kill You, Says New Research (Bloomberg)
  • Let it go: The Arctic will never be frozen again (Grist)
  • As a Pediatric Doctor, I’m Sick of All the Health Care Freeloaders (Texas Observer)
  • This is your brain on Christmas music (William & Mary)

What are you reading?

A Rally, a Rout and Outages on the Exchanges

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