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Photobombs, Rational Actors and AI's Invasion

Here are your morning reads.

My morning train reads:

  • How AI Will Invade Every Corner of Wall Street: Machine learning, with its prowess in producing insights from data, is poised to have a hand in 99 percent of investing (Bloomberg)
  • The Power of (Admitting Your) Mistakes (Umair Haque)
  • Hidden peril awaits China’s banks as property binge fuels mortgage fraud frenzy (Reuters)
  • Ray Dalio: 9 common-sense rules for getting the most out of meetings (TED)
  • Beyond All Expectations (Of Dollars And Data); see also Can Time Solve the Issue of High Valuations? (EconomPic Data)
  • Bitcoin could cost us our clean-energy future (Grist)
  • A guide to the billions in giveaways to special interests buried in the Senate tax bill (Los Angeles Times)
  • Why the U.S. Considers North Korea’s Kim a "Rational Actor" (Wall Street Journal)
  • When black holes photobomb a galaxy (Syfy Wire)

What are you reading?

U.S. Migration Still at Historically Low Levels

Source: Brookings

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