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Yale's Endowment and the Return of Spam

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Why Worriers (Usually) Get the Market Wrong (Wall Street Journal); see also Declutter Your Life. Declutter Your Mind. (Medium)
  • The Buyback Boost Goes Bye-Bye (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Yale’s Endowment Learns Hard Diversification Lesson (Barron’sbut see 6 Reasons For David Swensen’s Success at Yale (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Why Vanguard Isn’t Freaking Out About Fewer Public Companies (Institutional Investor)
  • Retailers Try New Pricing Tricks to Battle Amazon on Black Friday (Wall Street Journal); see also Investors bet against happy holidays for retailers (Financial Times)
  • Spam is back: It seemed like we had defeated electronic junk mail. Then the spammers rose from the dead. (the Outline)
  • The Latest Path to Silicon Valley Riches: Stake sales in startups instead of IPOs (Wall Street Journal); see also As Silicon Valley Gets "Crazy," Midwest Beckons Tech Investors (New York Times)
  • Deathblow Dealt to Dark Matter Disks (Quanta Magazine)
  • How to Hire a Behavioral Scientist (Behavioral Scientist); see also Economist Dan Ariely has a fix for our financial foibles (Reuters)
  • Eight Wines for Thanksgiving, Under $25 (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

S&P 500: Contributions to Total Return

Sources: FactSet, Thomson Financial, S&P, Morgan Stanley Research

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