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How to Give Away Billions of Dollars

Here are your morning reads.

Back to work with our Monday morning train reads:

  • Giving Away Billions as Fast as They Can (New York Times)
  • How Saudi Arabia Is Building Its $2 Trillion Fund (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Captains of Finance Dismiss Bitcoin at Their Peril (Wired)
  • Fisher: P/Es predict nothing over one-, three- or five-year periods (USA Today)
  • Confirmation Bias: Why You Should Seek Out Disconfirming Evidence (Farnam Street); see also The Theory of Maybes (Collaborative Fund)
  • The GOP tried Trump-style tax cuts in Kansas. What a mess. (NBC News)
  • A giant insect ecosystem is collapsing due to humans. It’s a catastrophe (the Guardian)
  • How Fiction Becomes Fact on Social Media (New York Times)
  • A Revealing New Book on Jann Wenner (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Jim Ross, chairman of State Street Global Advisers Ltd. and father of the SPDRs. 

Pollution’s Annual Price Tag? $4.6 Trillion and 9 Million Dead

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