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The Origins of Irma and Fickle Fortunes

Here are your morning reads.

My end-of-week morning train reads:

  • How Irma Became Irma: A Monster Storm Six Months in the Making (Bloomberg)
  • The Myth of Stock-Market Tops (Wall Street Journal); see also In World of Supposed Bubbles Here’s What Investors Fear Most (Bloomberg)
  • Is Amazonification real? (Alphaville)
  • This Is Why WeWork Thinks It’s Worth $20 Billion (Wired)
  • If you’re going to make predictions, make them often (Reformed Broker); see also The Fickle Fortunes of Market Timing (Bloomberg View)
  • Football Champs and CEOs Alike Sidestep Taxes With Private Jets (Bloomberg)
  • This Tiny Country Feeds the World: The Netherlands has become an agricultural giant by showing what the future of farming could look like (National Geographic)
  • Silicon Valley’s Politics: Liberal, With One Big Exception (New York Times); see also Google is losing allies across the political spectrum (Ars Technica)
  • Among the Masters at the Ferrari and Lamborghini Museums (New York Times)
  • Attacked by Rotten Tomatoes (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Katie Stockton, chief technical strategist for BTIG.

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