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The Laws of Supply and Demand and Marijuana

Here are your morning reads.

My end-of-the-month, morning train reads:

  • The incredible shrinking president (Axios)
  • The Dumbest Call of the Era (Reformed Broker) see also Put These Charts on Your Wall… (Pension Partners)
  • Buzz kill for pot farmers: prices fall as the market grows (Wall Street Journal)
  • Pioneering cancer drug will cost $475,000. Analysts call it a bargain (Stat) but see Gilead’s $11.9 billion purchase of a groundbreaking cancer therapy could drag it into a new debate on prices (Wonkblog)
  • The Looming Consequences of Mold in Houston (The Atlantic)
  • A Provocative Look at the Harm From Corporate Heft (Wall Street Journal)
  • How to grow old like an athlete (World Economic Forum)
  • There are no conservatives in waist-deep water (Marketwatch)
  • ESPN Football Analyst Walks Away, Disturbed by Brain Trauma on Field (New York Times)
  • When Climate Change Meets Sprawl: Why Houston's ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime' Floods Keep Happening (ProPublica) see also Why America Still Hasn’t Learned the Lessons of Katrina (Politico)

What are you reading?


Cadillac Finds Its Sweet Spot: China

Source: WSJ

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