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Uber Lands a Deal-Maker

Here are your morning reads.

You can find a long list of options to donate to help out victims of Harvey here; send some cash, then enjoy our morning train reads:

  • Uber Gets Deal-Maker, Trump Agitator in Expedia’s CEO (Bloomberg)
  • Why Amazon Is Such a Threat to the Grocery Industry (The Atlantic)
  • Asset Allocation in a Low Yield Environment (AQR)
  • Bull and Bear Market Volatility Look Very Different (Bloomberg View)
  • In a Blast From a Financial Crisis Past, Synthetic CDOs Are Back (Wall Street Journal)
  • New Space Age Offers Promise and Peril for Investors (Barron's)
  • Want A Diagnosis Tomorrow, Not Next Year? Turn to AI (Wired)
  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no conservative and no hero, no matter what President Trump says (USA Today)
  • The small tweaks that ​turn​ an OK life into a great life (Quartz)
  • How Roger Federer Found His Groove, Again (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Steven Clifford, author of "The CEO Pay Machine: How It Trashes America and How to Stop it."

Harvey damages may be $24 billion, according to initial estimate

Source: Bloomberg

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