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Fanatics, Checklists and Witch Hunts

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Where’s the Next Bubble Forming in Markets? (Barron’sbut see Pipe Down and Enjoy the Calm (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Content isn’t king (Benedict Evans)
  • Wealth Advisers Set Up Shop With a Shared Back Office (DealBook); see also The Financial Adviser Summer Checklist (Riskalyze)
  • A Fanatic is One Who Can’t Change his Mind and Won’t Change the Subject (AQR)
  • BlackRock Keeps Getting Bigger But Fails to Meet on Revenue (Bloomberg); see also Vanguard Scales Heights, But It’s Hard to Stay There (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • 16 Things You Must Believe to Buy the "Witch Hunt" Russia Narrative (National Review)
  • Millennials ruining everything? It’s an age-old accusation (Boston Globe); see also Student Debt Is a Major Reason Millennials Aren’t Buying Homes (Bloomberg)
  • Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. "Handed the Country Over" (New York Times)
  • Sexual harassment in tech: Women tell their stories (CNN Money); see also AI and "Enormous Data" Could Make Tech Giants Like Google Harder to Topple (Wired)
  • How Working at an Olive Garden Can Make You a Great Chef One Day (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

Momentum Is Rising From the Dead, But Only for Equity Quants

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