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Yes, CEOs, You Really Can Golf Too Much

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Who’s Afraid of Amazon? 9 Surprising Retail Winners (Barron’s)
  • America Is Great. Home Country Bias Ain’t. (GMO); see also In the Stock Market, International Is Actually First (New York Times)
  • 10 Insights from the Berkshire Hathaway Weekend (Behavioral Value Investor)
  • Waiting for the Market to Crash is a Terrible Strategy (SVRN); see also Swedroe: Forecasters Not Held Accountable (ETF.com)
  • Proof! CEOs hurt companies by golfing too much (CNBC)
  • Uber Starts Charging What It Thinks You’re Willing to Pay (Bloomberg); see also The Barbarians Are at Etsy’s Hand-Hewn, Responsibly Sourced Gates (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Immigration Is at the Heart of U.S. Competitiveness (Harvard Business Review)
  • A Tale of Two Realities: Watching Fox News During Trump’s Tumultuous Week (the Ringer); see also How Roger Ailes Polarized TV News (FiveThirtyEight)
  • The Homeric Odyssey of the Web’s Strangest “Simpsons” Site (Wired)
  • Who’s in Charge of Outer Space? (Wall Street Journal); see also OK, it's still not aliens, but we’re finally catching Tabby’s Star in the act (Syfy Wire)

What are you reading?

Big 6 tech firms grew revenue by $18 billion, profit by $4.5 billion

Source: Recode

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