Predictions, Passions and Saving Nafta

Here are your morning reads.

My Don’t look at me, I get the new iPhone as soon as it comes out morning train reads:

  • The Difference Between a Prediction and a Probability (Pension Partners); see also When experts are wrong, it’s often because they’re experts on an earlier version of the world. (A Wealth of Common Sense)
  • Apple’s Q2 earnings in five charts (Recode)
  • How the Affordable Care Act Drove Down Personal Bankruptcy: Expanded health insurance helped cut the number of filings by half (Consumer Reports)
  • Following Your Passion is a Numbers Game (Of Dollars And Data)
  • Corporate America had to go into full "all hands on deck" mode to save Nafta from Trump (Business Insider)
  • Calpers’ credibility takes another hit as a board controversy blows up in its face (LA Times)
  • Samsung To Overtake Intel As World’s Largest Chipmaker In Q2 (Android Headlines)
  • Which Countries Destroy the Environment the Most (and Least)? (Priceonomics)
  • How To Adult, According To Popular Opinion (BuzzFeed)
  • A Chicken That Grows Slower and Tastes Better (New York Times); see also These DNA Diet Apps Want to Rule Your Health (Backchannel)

What are you reading?

Housing risks another hard landing

Source: Deutsche Bank Research

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