Angel Investing and Fighting Fake News

Here are your morning reads.

My midweek morning train reads:

  • Index Funds Are Finally Sexy. What a Shame. (Bloomberg View); see also Where nearly everyone is below average: Investing in funds (USA Today)
  • From Netflix to rented homes, why are we less interested in ownership? (New Statesman)
  • Just Say NO To Angel Investing (Financial Samurai)
  • Elevators in an age of higher towers and bigger cities (Curbed)
  • Why Bargain Travel Sites May No Longer Be Bargains (Backchannel)
  • Can Facebook Fix Its Own Worst Bug? (New York Times Magazine); see also Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launches Wikitribune, a large-scale attempt to combat fake news (Nieman Lab)
  • An artificial womb being tested on lambs could help preemies (MIT Technology Review)
  • Climate Denial In Schools: A new wave of state bills could allow public schools to teach lies about climate change (Vice)
  • Bow wow: Scientists create definitive canine family tree (the Guardian)
  • Have Trump’s first 100 days been a success? Here’s what experts have to say (NBC News)

What are you reading?

How America feels about abortion

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