Early Returns

An Underwhelming Start for President Trump

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Matthew E. Bergman at the Monkey Cage on the snap election in the U.K.

2. My Bloomberg View colleague Megan McArdle on the hash Republicans are making of health-care policy. One small disagreement: While she's certainly correct that voter demands are contradictory and impossible to fulfill, I think that lets Republican politicians off the hook too much, given that they have encouraged those demands. And not just the president, although he's been the worst, by far, from either party. 

3. Excellent case against a Democratic "autopsy" from John Anderson. Technical stuff? Yes, that's worth looking back on. But the rest of it? Better to fight it out going forward than looking back.

4. Josh Barro has an important point about Donald Trump: Techniques that (might have) worked for him in business won't work in politics if they depend on defrauding people once and then moving on to the next group -- because there's no "next group" in politics. I'd add the Neustadtian point that everyone who must deal with the president watches him obsessively, and so they'll be on to his tricks as soon as he uses them the first time. Of course, in reality Trump's mastery of business turned him into a reality television star, something he was actually very good at. 

5. And Glenn Kessler goes through the evidence on Trump's underwhelming first 90 days, at least as far as getting things done is concerned.  

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