Early Returns

The Taxpayer Gap and Reluctant Trump Voters

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Vanessa Williamson at the Monkey Cage on American attitudes about paying taxes. Key point: Misinformation about who pays taxes produces discontent about taxes.

2. Dan Drezner on Donald Trump's decision to congratulate an authoritarian.

3. I entirely agree with my Bloomberg View colleague Al Hunt on Trump's recent flip-flops. He's as much of a wild card as ever; if he temporarily lands on some policy you like, don't believe he'll stick with it in the future. 

4. Clare Malone at FiveThirtyEight on how "reluctant Trump voters" are evaluating the president. I'd be a little careful with this -- some very reluctant Trump voters in November who have turned decisively against him might now claim (and even believe) they had opposed him back then. Still, it's a good group to attempt to track, so as long as one keeps the caveats in mind, dig in.

5. And Matt Yglesias at Vox is correct that the president at the end of the day really does have to do his job

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