Early Returns

Money, Money, Money (and Who's Giving It)

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Devin Christensen and John Curiel at the Monkey Cage have data on Donald Trump's tweets and his television schedule

2. Anna Harvey at Vox on the post-suffrage history of the suffrage movement.

3. The Campaign Finance Institute on parties and campaign finance in 2016. It is correct that we should look beyond formal party organizations in assessing "party" sources of campaign money; indeed, we should look beyond the political action committees it identifies, too. All in all, I'm certain that money raised by and initially from formal party organizations, quasi-party organizations such as the ones CFI discusses, and larger party networks winds up as decisive in almost all congressional elections, but we still need some research into exactly how much is really party money, how much is from interest groups (other than party-aligned groups), and how much is truly from candidate loyalists. 

4. Anne Joseph O’Connell at Brookings speculates (with data) that the end of the judicial filibuster could increase diversity in the courts. Plausible! We'll see if it pans out.

5. Good analysis from Brian Beutler on the upcoming shutdown showdown

6. Amber Phillips at the Fix on the Senate map and candidate recruitment.

7. And from my Bloomberg View colleague Matt Levine, a fun theory of how the airline industry might benefit from the United incident. 

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