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Hogwash, Comedy and Following the Rules

Here are your morning reads.

Back to work with our morning train reads:

  • Vanguard Is Growing Faster Than Everybody Else Combined (New York Times)
  • Buyout Firms Are Magically — and Legally — Pumping Up Returns (Bloomberg)
  • Commodities in Your Portfolio? It’s All Hogwash, Says Wall Street Dissenter (Wall Street Journal)
  • Pure Comedy (Reformed Broker)
  • How Markets Overcame Past Geopolitical Crises (Bloomberg View)
  • Filing Taxes in Japan Is a Breeze. Why Not Here? (New York Times); see also Sorry America, Your Taxes Aren’t High (Bloomberg)
  • The billionaire film buff restoring the Quad Cinema (Crain’s New York)
  • Brian Stelter has been training for this moment his entire life (Washington Post)
  • Behind United Airlines’ Fateful Decision to Call Police: Airline’s rules-based culture in spotlight after man was dragged off flight by law enforcement (Wall Street Journal)
  • Arizona Sky Village’s residents have one rule: Turn off your lights (the Guardian)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Charley Ellis, chairman of the Yale endowment, Vanguard board member and all-around finance legend.

Indexes beat stock pickers even over 15 years

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