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Pension Problems, Horrible Tweets and Blockbusters

Here are your morning reads.

My end-of-the-short-week morning train reads:

  • Indexes Beat Stock Pickers Even Over 15 Years: New data show that 82% of all U.S. funds trailed their respective benchmarks over 15 years (Wall Street Journal)
  • Just Keep Buying: It works (Of Dollars And Data)
  • Keep ETFs Weird (CFA Institute)
  • The cost of California’s public pensions is breaking the bank. Here’s one reason this problem is so hard to fix (LA Times)
  • Managing for the Long Term (Harvard Business Review)
  • Why Americans Vote "Against Their Interest": Partisanship (Upshot)
  • How to Know If You’ve Sent a Horrible Tweet (Esquire)
  • Instagram photos could help put the “CEO of Purple Drank” behind bars for life (Vice)
  • How Google Book Search Got Lost (Backchannel)
  • The Stats of the Furious (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

Weird Thing Happening to Global Profit Estimates  

Source: Bloomberg

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