Early Returns

Threats to Democracy and Special Elections

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dave Hopkins on how normal the Kansas special election was. Well, yes, except there's nothing normal at all about a new president being this unpopular this early. But otherwise, I certainly agree with each of his points.

2. Erik Jones and Matthias Matthijs on research showing that the threat to democracy comes from elites, not voters. 

3. Julia Azari on Donald Trump's hawkish turn

4. Podcast fans (I'm not one) might enjoy the first Mischiefs of Faction effort

5. Nicholas Bagley on federalism, health care and money. As is usually the case, Republicans, if they want to, will find a compromise point that involves spending more money and reduces taxes, but it's not clear that they want a compromise. 

6. And Sean Trende on this year's special elections

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